Forest Hill

A wooded treasure of diversity

Forest Hill is the anchor point for OCCFA's Lincoln County efforts.  

Originally part of the historical 1886 Bay View Add. for Yaquina City, Forest Hill offers:

  • research and educational opportunities

  • an example of forest land moving toward old-growth like conditions

  • home base for our geo-location cradle to grave tree story and

  • home base for our value added Fair Share Program

17.5 acres located between Toledo and Newport, Oregon

17.5 acres located between Toledo and Newport, Oregon

We have created a unique approach we are calling "Windfall Harvest".  This nearly invisible method utilizes specific trees for lumber and artisan products with clear chain of custody and branding that also vigorously moves Forest Hill towards old-growth like conditions.

As we develop this balanced Forest Management Plan, Forest Hill will grow and become more diverse:  new trails to old places like the ridge viewpoint, a view shed from Yaquina Bay and Hwy. 20.  

Recent images from Forest Hill

Jaymi Heimbuch)